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 How to Get or Renew a Library Card


Beginning September 9, 2013, new requirements for library cards go into effect.

Library cards are issued free of charge to individuals 18 years and older who:

              • Show proof of residency in Lee County
    • Are employed in Lee County
    • Own property or a business in Lee County
    • Are students in Lee County
    • Are residents of other Southwest Florida libraries participating in the reciprocal borrowing program

The following are acceptable proof of eligibility:

       Preferred - Valid Florida Driver’s License or Florida I.D. Card

       Lee County property tax receipt for most recent year + a photo ID such as out of state driver’s license

       Tax STRAP number + a photo ID such as out of state driver’s license  (library staff need to verify the STRAP number on the Lee County Property Appraiser’s website)

       Proof of real property or business ownership (for example, deed, mortgage agreement, business license issued in Lee County) + a photo ID such as out of state driver’s license

       Rental lease (for at least six months) + a photo ID such as out of state driver’s license

       Boat slip live aboard rental agreement (for at least six months) + a photo ID such as out of state driver’s license

       Receipt for Florida auto tags + a photo ID

       Voter’s registration card with Lee County address + a photo ID

       Utility bill or bank statement (postmarked within 90 days)  + a photo ID such as out of state driver’s license

       Recent paycheck stub (from a business in Lee County)  + a photo ID

       Work photo ID (from a business in Lee County) + official document with applicant’s current address

       Current telephone book listing + a photo ID

       Consular photo ID with Lee County address (such as Matricula Consular)

       Valid College/University photo ID + a document with home address


Library cards with full privileges for children and teens under age 18 require:

      • Name ID, such as birth certificate, insurance card, school ID, official school schedule, report card or letter from school
      • Parent or legal guardian who accompanies the child or teen shows ID for proof of address and owes less than $10 on his/her own library account
      • A Child/Teen Limited (CTL) card, which limits check out to two items, is available with Name ID only


Non-residents may obtain a library card for a fee:

Non-residents must show identification and apply for a card in person.  Library card applications cannot be submitted by fax or through the mail. Two types of cards are available:

  • Visitor Card — $15 (valid for three months)  Additional consecutive months can be purchased for $5 each
  • Non-resident Card — $60 (valid for one year)
  • Residents of participating libraries in Charlotte, Collier, DeSoto, Glades, Hendry, Lee and Monroe Counties may register for a free Lee County Library System library card to borrow library materials, use computers and use the Download Depot, through the SWFLN Reciprocal Borrowing Program.  (SWFLN stands for Southwest Florida Library Network).  See this page for more information.

Additional Information:

  • Library cards must be renewed in person every two years with the same documents required for a new library card
  • Cards are issued at all locations in the system and can be used at all locations.
  • Loss or theft of a card, as well as change of address, should be reported to the library immediately.
  • Regardless of where books are borrowed, they may be returned at any Lee County Library System location. After hours book drops are provided at most locations.


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